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​Janelle Grunberg​German​janelle.grunberg@fresnounified.org
​Charles Rocha​Technology​charles.rocha@fresnounified.org
​Francine Pedersen​Avid/YWA/Scholars​francine.pedersen@fresnounified.org
​Steven Jaurena​Agriculturesteven.jaurena@fresnounified.org
​Maricela Limon​Spanishmaricela.limon@fresnounified.org
​Ricardo Guevara​AVIDricardo.guevara@fresnounified.org

Course Description


Fresno sits in the middle of the largest agricultural state in the US producing more diverse commodities and products than any other state.  This class is designed to help students become aware of the agriculture around them and the importance its place in our region and our state.  We have a greenhouse area and garden areas where we try to engage students in the growing, planting and care of fruit and vegetable crops and horticultural plants on campus. 

Each grade level receives its own curriculum. Fifth grade is introduced to California Agricultural Commodities, that which we grow and produce around the state.   Sixth grade studies Entomology, looking at those pest and beneficial insects that affect our gardens and crops, with an in-depth look at the honey bee. Seventh grade covers Plant Biology basics as they pertain to agricultural products.  All grades complete a research project concerning their curriculum through our Library Media Center.   


Spanish and Spanish for Native Speakers are A-G elective classes that focus on communication, cultures, connections, communities and comparisons. Students can earn high school credit for the year-long elective


The goal for the Scholars elective is to ensure all students are exposed to a variety of WICOR (writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading) strategies and to increase college awareness. The objective of these strategies is to enhance the education and performance of all students in fifth through eighth grade.

Scholar Activities

Writing: Structured quickwrites, interactive notebooks, and other activities.

Inquiry: Students will learn about Costa’s Levels of questioning and carefully examine articles from AVID Weekly or other resources and use them for Socratic Seminar discussions.

Collaboration: Students will take part in team building activities and classroom projects.

Organization: Focused Cornell Notes, Interactive Notebooks, Binder and Agenda checks

Reading: Expository text from AVID Weekly and other sources will be used to teach and review the following reading strategies: charting the text, underlining claims/ or essential information, circling key terms, responding and connecting, summarizing and clarifying.

College Readiness: Ongoing use of Atlas to fill out Grade Trackers, A-G awareness, Focused Cornell Notes


This course is designed to expose Baird students to the ever growing world of technology and its usefulness to their everyday lives. Students are encouraged to work collaboratively on projects while keeping their individual creativity. Fifth graders will focus primarily on learning keyboarding skills through an online typing site called typingweb.com and by creating several PowerPoint games. Sixth and seventh graders will create projects around their core subject areas of Science, English, Math, and History.

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