What does the P.T.A do for my child?​

The P.T.A supports Baird programs by providing student activities, community spirit and financial supplementation.  Throughout the school year the P.T.A sponsors many events including:

  • Fall Fundraiser (Silent Auction)
  • Fall and Spring Festivals (Food and Silent Auction)
  • Sports Awards (Quarterly for all sport programs)
  • Student Store (Merchandising Club)> Family Night Out
  • Sweetheart Run (Jog-a-thon)
  • Distinguished Dad’s Day
  • Mom’s Tea
  • Baird Theatre Night
  • Teacher’s Appreciation Week
  • 8th Grade BBQ
  • Block 8 Elective (Hip Hop)/ Guitar Club/ Office Assistant

What can I do to help?

We are always in need of your support and commitment.  We are not talking about every event (although you are always welcome to do so!)  What we need is help from our Baird family and the students’ here at Baird and their campus will continue to blossom. Your fresh ideas are encouraged.  P.T.A meetings meet quarterly in the Library from 6:30-7:30 pm.  Check the schools bulletin or visit the Baird website for P.T.A meeting dates.

How can I volunteer?

If you would like to volunteer for any P.T.A or school related event you can contact Ms. Blanca Sauerbrei (Parent Coordinator) at Baird Middle school @ 559-451-4310 or email at blanca.sauerbrei@fresnounified.org.  My office hours are from 9:30-2:30 pm.  The parent center is located in the center hallway, two doors down from the main office.  

Here are three easy ways to help the PTA:

1.  Join.

Membership dues are an important donation you can make to this great school and the programs the PTA supports. If you are only able to help by paying your membership dues, but not attend meeting or events, we understand. By just joining, you are helping.

2.  Swipe your SHARES card.

If you shop at SaveMart or FoodMaxx, you can participate in the SHARES program. It is a free card that you swipe at the register before you pay. 3% of whatever your total is will be donated to the school with no extra cost to you. Just leave it in your wallet with your preferred way to pay and swipe away! Get one for you, a family member, a neighbor, anyone who would like to support our school. Shares cards can be picked up in the parent center or school office. 

3. Send in your Box Tops for Education.

Please clip and send in those Box Tops! They truly do add up, so no matter how many or how few, please send them in. Last year we earned over $400, one Box Top at a time.

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