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Group photo of Young Men's Alliance

Mentor/Instructor – Ricardo Guevara (Ricardo.Guevara@fresnounified.org)

Baird has built a Young Men’s Alliance class into their master schedule during the last period of each day.The focus of the class is leadership development and conflict resolution.The teacher utilizes the Teen Leadership Curriculum developed by the Flippen Group.The course builds personal responsibility and leadership skills through role plays, group activities, speeches, and projects.

YMA Events and Activities at Baird

  • Dinners with Parents, Students, Staff
  • Tutoring
  • Cultural Engagement activities & Attending Fresno State sporting events
  • Guest Speakers/Mentors
  • Conflict Resolution Workshops
  • Goal Setting & Team bonding to Wonder Valley
  • Job Shadowing
  • School leadership roles
  • College Tours (local and out of town)

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